Saturday, September 25, 2010

September happenings

We had a 90th birthday party for my mother a few weeks ago. It was a great success - 108 people attended! It was so nice to see my Mom and Dad enjoying their friends and family. Quite a few people came in from out of town and we visited with cousins we don't get to see very often. All of my siblings were here - the pictures came out great!! We are already planning Daddy's 90th party in two years - but we may have to rent a place for the next one.

Last night we attended a 50th birthday party for Teresa. John and Joanna have such a great house for parties. Between the Theriot's and the Fisse's it was crazy. We spent the night at Britt and Jimmy's house. Saturday morning Gee headed to his hunting lease somewhere in Mississippi and I headed home.

Life is a little crazy with our living arrangements right now, but here's the good part - when we are together we are genuinely excited to see each other and have so much to talk about. We also love having another "home" and area to explore. Gee has lost weight and looks great - and we both enjoy the beauty of the area.

Life is good.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My baby is married!

Brittany and Jimmy's wedding was this past weekend and we had such a good time. We arrived in New Orleans on Thursday morning and spent time with Angelle, Mike and the kids playing at the park - the carrousel was a hit - and eating yummy poboys. We visited with Britt for a little while then to the hotel to get dressed for the rehersal supper. The rehersal went well - such an amazing church. It's so beautiful we didn't need any flowers except for a few pew markers. The rehersal supper was held at Jimmy's parents house. Good food - a few glasses of wine - and lots of fun visiting - my children, my parents and all my sisters were there - really special. Brittany and Jimmy gave Gee a gold cross and me a Mignon Faget silver snow cone - cocoanut of course (yes there is a story about that from Zac and Britt's childhood). But the highlight for Gee and I was the beautiful thank you cards written to each of us separately - and to all her bridesmaids. That was so thoughtful - and will always be treasured!

Friday morning arrived with some bad news - one of my sisters was ill and had to go to the hospital. She is fine - but couldn't attend the wedding - which was a great disappointment for the bride and me (Carolyn and Cindy - we missed you both so much!!!) Janice stepped in as a reader - thanks Jan! Brittany, Angelle and I went to lunch with the bridesmaids @ Superior Grill - the food was so yummy. Friday night was spent visiting in the bridal suite with Britt, Pam, Angelle, Leah, Erin, Adam and I. It was a nice quiet, relaxing night - just what we needed. Jimmy, Zac, and Mike when out for a while - with a few others.

Saturday was busy! I ran around checking the reception area for wedding cake - flowers - etc - not that I needed to - the Hampton Inn handled everything so well. We had hair and makeup artisits in Britt's room - thanks Pam for doing my hair - I loved it! My GRITS friends - coordinated by Lynn - sent food and drinks from Whole Foods to the bridal suite. Everything was delicious and we had plenty. Joan was with us the whole time and was such a great help - and it was just nice to hang out with her. Janice arrived in time to tie all the bridesmaids bows. The photographer arrived around 4ish and I helped Brittany dress then of course - lots of pics which I can't wait to see. Brittany was stunning - her dress was perfect for her! Gee kept popping in the room to help with whatever we needed - he was so great - and I was able to relax. We got in the limos and headed for the church - without getting wet! (Of course - it was a rainy day!).

What more is there to say about that church? Iron pews - a beautiful gold altar! It truly is amazing to see. I love that the ceremony is not a blur - I remember most of it! All my girls walked down the aisle - Leah and Erin in their precious dresses carrying their flower baskets - Angelle looking great in purple and smiling so beautifully - Zac walked with Laura (my neice) - and Bittany with Gee - she seemed so happy and relaxed and looked amazing. Brittany and Jimmy looked so happy on the altar - and seemed relaxed - although Jimmy kept talking and the priest had to give him a look! After some pictures at the church we headed back to the hotel to the reception.

Everything was great at the reception - the food was so delicious - the band was great really great (Escalade Dance and Show Band!). Highlights? Britt and Gee dancing together - Britt and Jimmy dancing together - Jimmy and his friends with a crazy double dutch jump rope dance - Gee with some good moves - Zac with some good moves - having Janice and Lige there - having my parents there! - surrounded by family and friends dancing - being on the stage with Gee, Britt and Jimmy, and Jimmy's parents for a song - Jimmy having a solo stage performance. It flew by - but I remember so much of it! There were a few people not there whom I really wanted there - Carolyn, Cindy, and Jean & Kathy - but that's life.

Sunday we met all our family and friends for breakfast in the hotel. Gee and I helped Britt and Jimmy check out of their room and I took them home to pack for the honeymoon. Angelle & family and Gee & I and Zac spent the day at Kevin and Kathy's house with various cousins and in laws just visitng. We took the kids back to the park and fed the ducks - I loved it when Zac ran through the birds with Erin - she was laughing all the way.

Monday - all who were left checked out of the hotel and headed home. Of course there has already been honeymoon adventures - canceled flights - not making it all the way to their destination till tomorrow - lost luggage - craziness! But they are married - and all is complete. Whew!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween fun

Gee and I spent the weekend in the woods - at a very scary Halloween party! Our artists friends, Brent and Sandy, create and display various scary scenes in the woods on their property - and have a party! The art work is unbelieveable - fighting skeleton armies, a huge Medusa, and various scary creatures are hanging out along 4-5 trails. It's really amazing! Of course everyone costumed! We enjoyed good friends, food and an enormous bonfire which is expected to continue to burn for a week. Thanks Sandy and Brent - for another great halloween party.

Today we watched some of the Saints game - go Saints and LSU! - at Britt and Jimmy's before heading home. So nice to have them in New Orleans.

Two weekends ago we attended a couples shower for the future bride and groom. We had fun hanging out with Britt, Jimmy, Zac, Pam, Peter, Lacey, Clint, and a bunch of Jimmy's friends and family. Jimmy's family and friends are really nice and very welcoming - and definitely know how to have a great party.

Lots more things coming - baby Adam, engagement party for a friend's daughter, another shower, KBA party, trip to NC - and that just brings us to December! Life is busy and good - we are blessed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Parties, games and work - oh my!

We attended our first "Brittany & Jimmy" party Saturday night. It was a western theme so we had on cowboy hats/boots/scarves. The home (Jimmy's sisters) was so beautiful - loved the centerpiece on the dining room table - boots with flowers in them. It was nice to meet Jimmy's sister and friends - and to see Britt's law school friends. We had a great time!

We spent the night at Britt's and I must say her house looks so nice! They painted the living room - the color is perfect with her furniture and pictures. I love the new furniture arrangement also - the living room definitely looks bigger. My favorite is the guest room - the purple/blue color is really beautiful and the bed with Granny's quilt is cozy and comfy. Very nice - Britt!

Sunday morning was lazy -beignet's for breakfast - and then off to the Saints game. The dome was unbelieveably loud - and of course the Saints ROCKED!!! We had such a great time! I really prefer watching a game on TV - but I LOVE being in the dome with that crazy crowd! LSU and Saints are undefeated - life is good!

Work is still crazy busy - IEP's - parents that don't attend meetings - progress reports - reevaluations - therapy, therapy, therapy - SACS walk through is coming soon. Things are better now - I'm getting in the groove - but I am so tired when I get home. Oh well - at least I'm not bored and looking for things to do!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well school started and I stopped blogging! This has been the hardest beginning of a school year that I remember in a long time! We have lots of changes - most are good but still hard to get used to. We have a problem parent which is never a good thing. I still love working with the students - but it wears me out! I'm tired in the evenings - and not working out on a regular basis. I know things will get better - and they already are. Maybe since I am eligible to retire that's in the back of my mind.

We tailgated last weekend at LSU with some friends. It was pretty hot during the day - but the evening was nice. Gee cooked a jambalaya - his new receipe is so delicious. We slept at Zac's Saturday night and had lunch with Zac, Britt, & Jimmy on Sunday. Love, love, love my kids!!!! Gee and I are so lucky to have such great kids!!!

Time to address invitations for the wedding. I volunteered to address them all - and have until 11/16 to get them done - so that shouldn't be a problem. We have a western theme party for Britt and Jimmy next weekend so today I shopped for a shirt. What I bought is really tacky - and I am already having second thoughts. Will probably trade it in for a white shirt & cowboy hat instead - I'm just not that brave!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crabs and beer

Last night we went to a seafood restaurant at the end of the bayou where then have delicious boiled crabs and the beer is free! That's right - drink all the keg beer you want as long as you are eating. We had boiled crabs and fried crab fingers. Everything was delicious - but it's kind of like being in a Seinfeld show except instead of the Soup Nazi there is a Crab Nazi. The owner is quite a character.

We also went to Downtown Live at the courthouse square to listen to a band we like. The lead singer is a friend of ours. We had a great time- beautiful night - good music. It's good to be home again.

Michigan warmed up and we had fun!

The rest of our Michigan trip was lots of fun. On Sunday we went to Mackinaw Island where we ate fudge and toured a really cool fort.

Then we went to the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie where we watched a 1000 foot ship enter a lock with only 2 1/2 feet to spare on each side.

On Monday we went to a lighthouse on Lake Superior:

and lower Tahquemenon Falls. Jean rowed a boat over to an island where we planned on spending some time in the water but instead ran from mosquitoes. It was really beautiful there and I was really disappointed that no one had warned us about the mosquitoes.

We then traveled to Upper Tahquemenon Falls which was equally beautiful:

Our next stop was Munising, Michigan where we went on a boat tour of Pictured Rocks National Park. It was stunning:

We headed back to Jean's house the next day. We tried to go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game Wednesday night but left early due to a rain delay. I was glad to be home on Thursday - with lots of great memories - especially of family time together. Thanks Jean and Kathy - we had fun!